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Our delicious chocolate cakes are tirelessly made using five types of fine gourmet chocolate to give you the best of b.l.o.c cakes.
            Mom’s Choco
   Fudge Cake
Voted Best Fudge by SunLife, Straits Times & Top 10 Best Desserts SunLife, Straits Times
The ultimate dark chocolate cake filled with dark, soft and rich creamy fudge, yet not too sweet on the palette.
     Choco Truffle
Garnished with European Couverture filled with rich creamy sponge. The layers of chocolate is certain to leave you coming back for more.
Voted Editor's Choice Simply Her

The collage of linear layering chocolate crunch, chocolate fudge and dark moist chocolate sponges is the key to sending someone you love to heaven...

   Choco Truffle
Featured on ZBNow, and Urban, Straits Times
Choco Truffle
This is the classic of the royal cakes, re-created to entice the taste buds of bitter sweet chocolate lovers.
This New Yorker had a chat with a Hershey’s kiss and decided to make a real case of what you would call the yummiest mix of cheese and chocolate outcomes.
Durian Cake
Featured on ZBNow, and Urban, Straits Times
      choco fudge
The adaptation of delicious Cherry Garcia and Banana Vanilla is a remake of Ben & Jerry’s awesome ice cream flavours into our secret ingredients
      choco fudge
Recommended by Seveteen Magazine
Freshly sliced bananas soaked in creamy soft fudge, then crammed between 2 layers of dark moist chocolate sponge, a sure winner with all chocolate fans
Garnished with European Couverture filled with rich creamy sponge. Richly placed on top of a layer of crunchie melted chocolate biscuit mix.
Walnut Choco Fudgie
Infused with layers of dark chocolate over roasted walnuts, the Fudgie Brownie leaves the average chocolate lover desiring more than a slice of brownie, its simply a slice of chocolate paradize.
chip Banana Melt
Other special treats include Fudgie Brownie, Chocolate Chip Walnut Coffee Cake, Rum & Raisin Chocolate Cornflake Cookies, and of course note forgetting local favourites Durian Fudge Swiss rolls & Durian Muffins.
Rum & Raisin
Cornflakes Cookies
Raisins infused with rum baked in cornflake butter cookies

Suitable for kids 1 – 3yr old

        Alpha Bears

Specially created for little girls who aspire to be ballerinas


For kids who love to have fun

        Circus Train
Fudge Cake

For the child who loves animals and farm stay.


choc.a.bloc 21st birthday cake


For the soccer fanatics this worldcup season

   Soccer Fever         
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