The choc.a.bloc Metamorphosis

2005 – choc . a . bloc, the embodiment of chocolate influenced and infused recipes. We use the highest quality of cocoa powder (chocolate powder) mixed with a dash of love and creative ingredients.

Our secret recipes are whizzed through a process of blending and baking in our modern kitchens to produce our “Yummilicious” Choc.a.Bloc Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Our chocolate confiseurs are constantly concocting exotic selections of tasty secret chocolate recipes, which are certain to make you wanna go fudge yourself!!!

1990s - Chocolate had proven its popularity as a product, and its success as a big business. Annual world consumption of cocoa beans averages approximately 600,000 tons, and per capita chocolate consumption is greatly on the rise. Chocolate manufacturing in the United States is a multibillion-dollar industry.

1980 - a story of chocolate espionage hit the world press when an apprentice of theSwiss company of Suchard-Tobler unsuccessfully attempted to sell secret chocolate recipes to Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.

1926 – Belgian chocolatier , Joseph Draps starts the Godiva Company to face the American market leader Hershey’s and Nestle’s.

1925 - Cocoa is Big Business. The New York Cocoa Exchange, located at the World Trade Center, was begun so that buyers and sellers could get together for transactions.

1913 – The first chocolate manufacturing machine was introduced by Swiss confiseur Jules Scehaud.

1879 – The birth of Nestle Company. Subsequently, in the same year a smooth and creamy chocolate liquid known as “fondant” was created amongst other forms of chocolate.

1847 – The First modern chocolate bar was produced by Joseph Fry & Son when they mixed Dutched chocolate with sugar.

1765 – Chocolate was introduced to United States when Irish chocolate-maker John Hanan imported cocoa beans from the West Indies into Dorchester.

1674 – Eating solid chocolate was introduced in the form of chocolate rolls and cakes, served in chocolate emporiums.

16 Century Europe – The Spanish began to add cane sugar and flavorings such as vanilla to their sweet cocoa beverages.

1502 – Columbus encountered a great Mayan trading canoe in Guanja carrying cocoa beans as cargo.

AD 600 – Mayans migrate into northern regions of South America establishing known cocoa plantations in the Yucatan.

1500 BC-400BC – The Olmec Indians are believed to be the first to grow cocoa beans.

choc.a.bloc Profile

The simple chocolate value to live by is
if you want it we will fudge it.

This one year old chocolate confectionary, affectionately named ‘choc.a.bloc’ has been offering an irresistible array of chocolate-infused recipes to die-hard chocaholics since its inception this February 2005. choc.a.bloc is the embodiment of chocolate-influenced and chocolate-infused recipes, which uses the highest quality of cocoa married with dash of love and creative ingredients.

Secret recipes are whizzed through a process of blending and baking in a modern kitchen to produce the ‘yummilicious’ signature chocolate fudge cakes better known as “b.l.o.c (blissfully luscious orgasmic chocolate) cakes”. This is the new culture of creating bloc chocolate cakes for the confectionary market. With this in mind, chocabloc chocolate confiseurs are constantly concocting exotic varieties of tasty secret recipes that are certain to irresistibly serve your cravings.

Conceived and operated by two cousins, Mr Jeremy Goh, and Mr Jonathan Sim, who wish to continue their family’s baking legacy, choc.a.bloc is the creation of third generation bakers. “The baking spirit has always been in our blood, from the day my grandmother experimented with the fusion of traditional Asian desserts with Western sponge cakes. She imparted her skills to her seven daughters, of which, Madam Helen Tan was a well-known baker in the 90s where she and her four sisters managed two cake shops called A piece of Cake”, says Mr Jeremy Goh, Co-founder of choc.a.bloc.

The two cousins, who are not professionally trained as bakers, are now bakers at choc.a.bloc, protégés of Madam Helen Tan, cake master designer.

Signature B.L.O.C cakes include Mom’s Choco Fudge Cake, Americano choco Fudge , Amazon Choco Fudge, Banana Choco Fudge, Durian Choco Truffle and Crunchie Choco Fudge Cake, Walnut Choco Chip Mocha.

choc.a.bloc Franchise

Presently, choc . a . bloc has now launched a new concept called choc . a . bloc Milk-Bar. The Milk-Bar is an extension of creative muffins and brownies. Over 30 varieties of cakes, muffins & brownies will be created at the Milk-Bar based on Seasonal features.

In addition, the Milk-Bar will be selling gourmet Australian-Italian Coffee and a selected range of Milkshakes to accompany the yummy chocolate treats. The Milk-Bar has a variety of over 15 hot gourmet coffee, 30 chilled beverages and milkshakes. And most importantly, our awesome selection of chocolate cake slices, are displayed over a cake counter.

This Trendy MilkBar is targtted in the heart of the city. The Al fresco setup with an open kitchen allowing the aromatic fragrance of yummy brownies and muffins to permeate every fibre of your being.

For Franchise Opportunities pls email to:

What's New?

Royale Choco Truffle – This is the classic of the royal cakes, re-created to entice the taste buds of bitter sweet chocolate lovers. Once again layers of unreserved chocolate everything to make you really something fascinating. Are you choco enuf?
- Available in March 2006 onwards.

Choco Cheese – This New Yorker had a chat with a Hershey’s kiss and decided to make a real case of what you would call the yummiest mix of cheese and chocolate outcomes. You want a piece of me!!!!
– Available from Apr2006 onwards.

Chef's Inspirational Cookies - Cookies are on the rise, please contact choc.a.bloc for weekly chef cookie specials made purely by inspiration. Kindly ask our cookie chef for advise on what’s oven hot this week.